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On the third day of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Task force Vardi was pushing north towards the Beruit / Damascus highway.  Along the way was the important crossroads at Jezzine.  The town was defended by both PLO and Syrian forces who were recently reinforced by a Syrian tank battalion and a commando unit.  Although both IDF and Syrian units had orders not to fight each other, the crossroads were far too vital, and Task force Vardi was ordered to attack.  This was to be the first clash between IDF and Syrian forces of the war.

Map of the battle field

IDF Forces:

Task Force Vardi (Col. Hagai)

       252nd Armoured Battalion equipped with Merkava Is

       532nd Armoured Battalion equipped with M60 Magach 5s

       2 Companies of Mechanized Infantry from the 460th Brigade

       1 Battalion of SP Artillery (M109)


PLO Forces:


Elements from the 76th Tank Brigade


       T62 Battalion

       424th Mechanized Infantry Battalion (BTR-60s)

       20th Commando Battalion (Each company had an attached ATGW Platoon)

       Flight of Gazelle Attack Helicopters equipped with Milan ATGW

       Available MIG 23 Strike




       Syrian Forces can deploy anywhere north of Kfar Houne.

       Syrian Infantry can be entrenched.

       The IDF forces enter from the South.


Special Rules:

  • Syrian Air Support (Gazelles and MIG 23s) can only be called in by Brigade HQ or Battalion HQs



       The IDF must exit 1 Battalion of Tanks off the Northern edge of the board.

       Syrians must force the IDF to withdraw.


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