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During the first day of the June 6th, 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Brigade 211 under Col. Eli Geva was ordered to isolate the city of Tyre along the Lebanese coast. His tanks and infantry surrounded the city and the two PLO camps of Rachidyeh and El Bas in under 9 hours. On the 7th, IDF forces moved into the camps and began a costly urban street fight with the PLO. Among the PLO fighters were numerous bunkers, firing positions and weapons stores as well as a large civilian population which made the use of air strikes and artillery impossible. The battle was to continue for four days.

IDF Forces:

211 Armored Brigade under Col Eli. Geva

         2 Companies of Mechanized Infantry

         1 Company of Tanks (M60 Magach)

         1 Recee platoon in Jeeps

PLO Forces:

Elements of the Kastel Brigade

         2 Companies of Irregular Infantry

         Medium Mortar Platoon

         Various Bunkers with Anti-Tank and HMG


         PLO Forces should be allowed to setup in hiding and in ambush.

         IDF Forces enter south via the coastal road.

         Terrain is mostly flat with various orchards and cedar trees.

         Rachidyeh camp should a maze of streets and buildings

Special Rules

         There is no Artillery or Air support available to the IDF


         Place 3 Objective markers in the Rachidyeh camp.

         The player who holds the most after a designated number of turns wins.



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