There are various manufacturers that produce miniatures suitable for the forces involved in LebanonPeter Pig, GHQ and CnC produces excellent AFVs and figures for the era.  This page contains pics of some of my 15mm collection (which I have since sold) and my 1/285 Micro Armour collection.

Quality Cast M113s and Israeli Infantry

Quality Cast Recoilless Rifle and PLO fighters.  The tanker is a diecast toy truck.

A group of PLO fighters.  The Bus I got at a dollar store. (note the picture of Kramer on the wall)

An AH-1 Cobra with Rockets and TOW ATGW

This is a Quality Cast M60A3 that I modified with Reactive Armor,
I removed the Commanders Hatch and replaced it with a smaller one.  I will be adding a .50cal to the barrel and a FN MAG to the commanders hatch.

Here is my newly finished M60A3 Magach Platoon

Here is my complete IDF Mechanized Infantry Company with Forward Observer.
Note that my M113s now have additional LMGs.

PLO 82mm Mortars

Here is a couple of Quality Cast 12.7mm HMGs for the PLO to use in Ambush.

PLO T-55 MBTs moving through a refugee camp

An Israeli F16 (Die Cast toy from Zellers, repainted)


Pictures of my Lebanon 82 Micro Armour


Pictures of my Modular Terrain

The 1’ squares are made from ” Styrofoam, painted on both sides to prevent warping, and coated in sand and static grass while the paint was still wet.

Farm land was made from Scenic Effects ground turf and the olive groves were made from pipe cleaners. There are a few modular light woods that were made.

Making War game Terrain:

    I constructed my 15mm terrain from foam board, texture coated and mounted on a cardboard base.  Advertisements were downloaded off of the net and reproduced on my printer.  Although I do not speak or write Arabic, I tried to copy some words that I found onto the sides of the buildings to depict graffiti.  You can check out the TerraGenesis site for more information on how to build war gaming terrain.  My advice is to look at a lot of photos and take your time.

The striped HO scale car was purchased from a local Hobby store.  The roofs are made of cardboard and are painted to look like corrugated steel.  Lichen and green tree foam are a must.  Lebanon although a war zone, is covered in scrub and cedar trees.

You will need lost of small debris to place in the streets.  Burnt out cars, barrels can be purchased in HO scale at a Hobby store.  The walls were made out of cardboard and balsa wood.




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